Ten Commandments for hitchhiker

The code of behavior

It’s getting more and more common that hitchhikers behave unpleasant and damage so the reputation of our old proud guild. Furthermore is a skilful behave very helpful to greater the chances to get a lift. That’s why here the Ten Commandments are:

1. Always be friendly

A nice conversation while traveling shortens the trip and motivates the driver to stop for the next hitchhiker again.

2. Be patient

Don’t knock over reflector posts! (Sorry Flo 😉 )

3. Act frankly

Drivers get very furious, when they stop for one hitchhiker and two more jump out of the bush.

4. First come, first served

If the favorite hitch spot should be busy you can either wait until your forerunner is away or you can place yourself some meters behind him (never ever in front of him).

5. A smile on your face increases your chances to get a lift

Don’t be a bore and let the sunshine in your heart! Further some flowers from the roadside in your hand can be heart-melting.

6. Look for a well lighted place when it’s dark

If the hitchhiker is early and well to see more cars will stop and the drivers scare will be decreased.

7. Choose a spot where cars can easily stop

Bus stops, parking bays, motorway services, etc. are best. Besides, spots are recommended where cars are slow.

8. The attendance of a woman works like an accelerator

Let her hitch hike and stay in the background by yourself.

9. Don’t hitch with beer

Or hide it 😉

10. Ignore Provocations

Even cops and fools are humans