Red Point


Have you got a car and do you wanna express solidarity with hitchhikers? Then get the “Red Point” sticker and put it on your car!
If you don’t have a car, just convince your mum, girl friend, mate or anyone else to do so for you.


The “Red Point Campaign“ was founded in Germany in the late sixties because many cities had highly increased the ticket prices for public transport. A simple red point was predestined for the logo and was handed out to car drivers. They should put it on their windscreen to declare their solidarity with hitchhikers and to show willingness to give people a ride. Soon, the initiative got supported by wide ranges of the public.

“Supporters of Hitchhiking” wants to pretend this nice way of “show one’s color” from dying out. That’s why we relaunch this logo and hope that it will decorate one or another car.

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