Especial Hitchhikees

That’s the place to honor drivers who give hitchhikers a lift. They are the so called hitchhikees. Named are the drivers who distinguished themselves by extraordinary charity. In behalf of all hitchhikers I say Thank you very much!

Name: Nick Attwell
Title: Thankyou Lisa
Just to say a big thankyou to Lisa Johnson for: (also posted in Ancedotes section)

Hitching at Keele (Staffordshire) services on the M6 heading north in the uk 1979 aged 18 with my then girlfriend Claire also 18 we were picked up by a middle aged woman in a Bentley. She was widowed and this was her husbands car. She enyoyed driving and this was one of her many excursions. That day she had decided to stop at Keele for coffee and saw us and stopped as she re-entered the motorway. She invited us to her house for the night offering to take us to our destination Lancaster University the next day. I am sure if I was not accompaied by Claire there is no way she would have stopped for a lone male (me) as she was a lone female so obviously she would have been wary. This is one of many lifts I have had both with a fellow hitchiker and alone.

Name: Ilona
It was 00:30 at night and I was left in the dark in front of a closed gas station 30 km outside of the next city, Leipzig.

There was only one car at the gas station, full of men. I was afraid. The next buses would start driving in 7 hours. There were only trucks driving by on the high way near-by. No one would stop on a dark gas station before morning.

The people in the car left one guy out of the car and drowe away. After a while a friend of this guy came to pick him up and agreed to take me to the city, too.

He was going to the opposite side of the city, but out of kindness took me all the way to my front door and invited me to come by at the tennis club, where he was working.

I don’t know what I would’ve done without getting this ride. Thank you! 🙂

Name: Lisbeth
Title: sweetness
I had missed the bus to meet a guy (my first date ever) and was in complete panic. I stood on the road with my thumb out for what seemed like forever (my first time hitchhiking too) and finally a sweet family picked me up, warned me about the dangers of hitchhiking, and got me to my date on time.

Name: Christian
Title: The Family on Tasmania
They picked me up when I got stuck in the evening of Christmas day and invited me to their rustic boozing family Christmas party in the green country site. It would have been a lonely celebration without them. The hangover next day was not bad either.

Name: Marco
Title: The Lorry-Interior-Agent
This middle aged agent left the motorway because of me and went a 60 km way round just not to trop me of into the night. I would have stayed the whole night without him.

Name: Chris
Title: Jay Will and his funny Chinese friend Yui
Thanks very much for 5 days all around South Australia over 1000 km. I enjoyed your 79er Toyota crown and your likeable company very much. After the time we spent together I needed a whole week abstinence.

Name: Chris
Title: The Croatian guy in Newcastle
At first he showed me around like a skilled tourist guide and for saying goodbye he took 10$ out of his pocket. First I felt a bit uncomfortable but later I was touched by such great hospitality.

Name: Manu
Title: The young car mechanic
He runs his car with fat from a deep fryer from Mc Donald’s and put me closer to the width of engineering.

Name: Chris
Title: The taxi driver from my home town
He’s the first taxi driver who got us a free lift because he had to drive this route anyway – respect!

Name: Chris
Title: The couple from the German motorway A71
I have to say sorry to the couple from the A71. I caused an domestic quarrel because they couldn’t agree were and how to drop me of 😉

Name: Johannes
Title: My experience of selfless charity 😉
I had this in Australia. It started in Innisfail. Two girls threw a cigarette butt out of their car on me but after 10 minutes they were back to say sorry and wanted to give me a lift for half an hour because of that. Half an hour became 3 hours and they took me just to Townsville where I wanted to go. The dropped me off and returned immediately because the driver had to pick up her girl from the Kindergarten back in Innisfail.