Sticker “Red Point”

Just copy the logo of your choice and print it out. Feel free to copy and redistribute all pictures on this site. Let’s spread them all over the world! This action won’t have been successful before I had got a lift from a car labeled with one of these pictures 😉 Only modification of the logos isn’t appreciated.

Tip: Print the logo on sticker paper and cut it accurately out. The result will be a reasonable sticker. Make sure to cut especially the round stickers out otherwise people could misunderstand the meaning as “solidarity with Japan” 😉

Download “”A heart for hitchhikers”” 329×435 pixel

Download “A heart for hitchhikers” 265×350 pixel

Download “A heart for hitchhikers” 200×264 pixel

Download “Red Point” 320×320 pixel

Download “Red Point” 220×220 pixel

Download “Red Point” 120×120 pixel