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About Hitchhiking


The hitchhiking cow


I'm Chris and an enthusiastic friend of hitchhiking.

I love this hobby for years and have reached (almost) every destination with it. It doesn't matter if I just want to go into the next city to have party or want to hitch all over a foreign country. I always traveled well with my thumb.

Hitching is not only the most inexpensive means of transport but also the most social one. I already met numerous nice people through it and could also find some friends. It fascinates me to get in contact with very different kind of people I wouldn't be able to meet so easily in normal life or people I would be concerned to meet. From the CEO in his posh Mercedes Benz and the senile grandpa in the golf to the eighteen years old guy in his pimped car - nearly everybody gave me a lift. The intimate atmosphere in the car guarantees almost always a friendly conversation. I was able to reduce many prejudices against certain groups and heard the statement from elderly a few times that the youth isn't as bad as they always thought. These are the typical experiences of hitchhiking which takes me such a great delight. Hitchhiking helps me to believe in the good of humans when I begin to doubt. This is easy for me when a stranger goes a 40 km way round just not to trop me of into the night.

Furthermore, I think against the widespread opinion that hitchhiking isn't just bumming. It means also "Giving" like "Taking" to me. Nice company can be a big favour for bored drivers who travel for hours over the highway. Any hitchhiker who tries to have a good conversation with the driver reaches much more than only a free ride from A to B.

It's usually the biggest challenge to come into contact with "typical" locals while traveling. Therefore hitchhiking is tailor made for numerous relaxed meetings. I owe my thump invitations most other tourists only can dream about.

I personally appreciate also the training in patience and self-control when it takes a bit longer or when I get stuck in the middle of nowhere in the late evening. Somehow I find a way in most cases. But with this opinion I'm rather alone, however.

Therefore you can see my enthusiasm for this hobby, sport or as you want to name it. For this reason I've introduced this site to share my passion with others and to give communal support.

Hitchhiking is simply always outstanding. Therefore I subtitled this site "Social, Economic, Ecologic". Maybe it sounds like contradicting phrases of politicians but on this hobby it really applies.


PS: Unfortunately, some Car drivers aren't resistant against idiocy (and hitchhikers neither). For that reason I don't want to hide you that there is always a little risk.

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